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  • Classic customized grand auditorium glass chandelier light

    Classic customized grand auditorium glass chandelier light

  • Customized charming villa hotel lobby crystal pendant light

    Customized charming villa hotel lobby crystal pendant light

  • Modern design customized leaf shape pendant light chandelier

    Modern design customized leaf shape pendant light chandelier

  • Large customized coffee shop crystal chandelier light

    Large customized coffee shop crystal chandelier light

  • Classic grand customized office hall crystal pendant light

    Classic grand customized office hall crystal pendant light

  • Unique dreamlike design  banquet lobby amber pendant

    Unique dreamlike design banquet lobby amber pendant

About Us

LAVIUS is appointed by Zhongshan G-Lights Lighting Factory as a high end brand of customized indoor decorative project lighting, locates in lighting capital, Guzhen, China. According to more than one decade exploration, research and development, LAVIUS moving toward to the front high brand of customized project lighting for hotel, club and other high end places.With immersive experience style outdoor lighting showroom, standard industrial plants and workshops, and all kinds of production, processing, testing equipment, LAVIUS has integrity management, keeps focusing on the challenge and need from clients, and providing competitive solution and service. Client will get maximum benefit continuously from LAVIUS. LAVIUS business: mid-to-high end project lighting and customized lighting devices for Hotel, Villa, Real Estate, Resort, Institution, Mall,etc. LAVIUS service: perfect one-stop project lighting solution provided, including lighting design consultant, lighting selection, lighting production, transportation assistance,installation instructions, after sales service, etc. Solve problem, reduce cost in after sales. Detail solution will be provided, such as product choosing, budget control, installation guide, etc. According to customer's lighting drawing, customized service available, even low MOQ. Flexible delivery time, manage to catch up with project time. Exhibition G-Lights keeps showing news product to customers in annually lighting exhibition, such below exhibitions that we join every year: Canton Fair Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Hong Kong International Lighting Fair China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair And oversea exhibitions such as in Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, etc, will keep updates in our website.

  • New Products
  • Large customizable attractive superstore glass pendant light

    Large customizable attractive superstore glass pendant light

  • Gorgeous vintage style palace villa hall crystal chandelier

    Gorgeous vintage style palace villa hall crystal chandelier

  • Large attractive hall blue crystal chandelier light

    Large attractive hall blue crystal chandelier light

News Center

  • Precautions for crystal chandeliers

    January 16, 2021

    Installing crystal lamps has become more and more indispensable, but we are worried that if we buy crystal lamps, we will not install them. Today, Longwest Xiaobian introduced the installation methods and skills of crystal chandeliers, hoping to provide you with substantial help through this summary. 1. The weight of crystal chandelier must be considered when installing it. When the weight of chandelier lamps is more than 3 kg, embedded hooks or bolts should be used to fix it. When the weight of flexible cord pendant lamp is more than 1kg, a chain hoist should be added. 2. The general rule for the installation height of crystal chandeliers is that the bottom of the chandeliers should be hung 30 to 36 inches above the desktop, which can just illuminate the room without disturbing people's sight. 3. During installation, it is necessary to ensure that the handle and lamp holder of the switch are not exposed to metal parts, so as to avoid potential power consumption and ensure that the lamp holder and line lamp are in good condition during installation. During installation, the zero line is connected to one end of the thread and the live line is connected to the other end. 4. If you are not familiar with the installation of crystal chandeliers, you can ask the manufacturers to provide corresponding installation diagrams before shipment; In addition, in the process of installing lighting, if there is any doubt, you can contact the manufacturer to make the installation process as smooth as possible, and remember not to install it casually to avoid other accidents. Crystal chandelier is a favorite lamp in the home, which is modern and fashionable. The

  • Is the crystal chandelier white or yellow?

    January 15, 2021

    The crystal is crystal clear, and the wind blows in our ears. Do you like to install white light bulbs or yellow light bulbs for crystal chandeliers at home? Don't underestimate the color of the light source. If the color of the light source is not well matched, the beautiful crystal chandelier will lose a lot of color. Generally, the living room is not only a place for us to relax and entertain, but also a place for guests. If the crystal chandelier uses white light, although the illumination is enough, it will appear that the space is cold and white, so the yellow light source is more suitable; Restaurants are mostly places to eat, which need good lighting and can make people appetite. White light can be used in this space; The study is an office place, and the illumination required is higher than that of the restaurant, so white light is used; Never use white light in the bedroom. The bedroom is a place for rest, so yellow light can help people relax. This is Longwest Lighting's suggestion about white light or yellow light of crystal chandelier in general household places, hoping to help netizens.

  • Visual feast of crystal chandelier, simple artistic beauty!

    January 14, 2021

    In many cases of international magazines or design masters, Manooi can often be seen; Most of Manooi's design inspiration comes from the rich light and shadow of nature. From the point of view of form and shape, most of them are elegant lines. Crystals are like prisms: the higher the lead content of glass, the stronger the scattered light. That's why Manooi only uses the highest quality crystal in the world to make chandeliers. Manooi's crystal lamp can produce different light colors from different angles. The most subtle change in light color can be seen from the focusing of SLR cameras, and different light colors can be produced by focusing at different positions. Perhaps this is the wonder of Manooi crystal lamp. MANOOI lamps are very strict in manufacturing process and innovative in design, reflecting the beautiful pursuit and yearning for a better life in the crystal clear crystal. MANOOI lamps are a perfect combination of artistic decoration style and aesthetics, and keep a unified overall style, reflecting the eternal romance and classic of MANOOI crystal lamps.

  • How to buy KTV lamps?

    January 13, 2021

    KTV lamps play a very important role in decoration. When customers sing in the box, they not only pay attention to the singing equipment, but also pay great attention to the environment inside the box. Therefore, many KTVs like to choose crystal lamps when choosing lamps and lanterns. However, how much do we know about the purchasing skills of crystal lamps? Let's take a look at how the crystal lamp manufacturer introduces the atmosphere of the crystal lamp: Before purchasing, first take a look at its crystal ball. We need to carefully check this place for cracks, bubbles and impurities. Only those crystal balls without any impurities, which are crystal clear, can meet the requirements of ktv lamps. When further checking the crystal ball, it is necessary to see if its cutting surface is smooth and its edges and corners are clear. Only the crystal ball meeting this requirement can reflect the effect of atmosphere. Then there is the pendant of this ktv lamp. We need to see if its specifications are uniform. The reason why this kind of lamp has excellent light and noble temperament depends on this kind of component to a great extent. Some do not meet the specifications, often appear wear or different sizes, which will not only affect the appearance, but also easy to fall, and there are potential safety hazards. Finally, we should pay attention to the origin and purity of its crystal when choosing. In fact, this kind of lamps are also made of glass materials, which are all purified products. Therefore, when we check it, we suggest to look at its crispness and transparency. Only when these two indicators are very high, is it a ktv lamp that can create an atmosphere and attract customers, and it is worthy of our purchase.

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